Read the ad and check the location

I'm a regular seller here at Offer Up and just can't figure why I get so many negotiators trying to knock down my price on an item they'd lose money on in gas if I was giving it away free. Well what I mean is how so many people think that since they are making the trip here to purchase they can use that as a bargaining tool. Both things are annoying. Please look at location. "I also now post it in all my ads". Then head on down to any local store of any kind. Take your purchase to the register. Tell the cashier you want subsistance discount for driving there to buy it. What ever that cashier tells you, let me know so I can start saying the same. Thanks...
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@Fallingdown004 I just block those people. What you said near the end cracked me up! 😂
I have a block list on here longer then the passport line at the Post Office every Saturday. Trust me I block. I block. I block. But when I look at the list I find myself asking this " hmmmmm did I block all of them? Entire site? Is that why in dry spell?" Hmmmm then I go block someone else lol. Yeah, don't like blocking the innocent but hey sometimes...
And thanks. Glad I could offer up a laugh at least. Lol. Have a nice weekend. Bye...
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@Fallingdown004--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I hope you're having a great time interacting with other buyers and sellers!! As I read this post, I totally agree!! I use to get a lot of people send messages & say the same thing "If I'm willing to drive there..."--Then they essentially ask for the item(s) for free. One person said "I can go to the store & get it for the same price or a lot cheaper"--okay, that's great; go for it--You sometimes get those type of people & then sometimes they want to argue & I don't play into it. In the description I put the location & mark the location at the end, & I would receive many messages "Didn't realize where you were located"--pretty funny!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!
Not sure what they told you is cheaper at the store but when I get that it's usually for dresser or desk other furniture. What they don't get is that it isn't assembled for same price at the store. The last few desks I assembled I can honestly say were engineering masterpieces straight off the Chinese cargo barge. The pieces involved in some of this stuff lately is jig saw equivalent. China furniture used to be garbage. Missing parts, pieces and instructions. Is no longer the case. Is all there, really is engineered and can take up to 8 hours to assemble. I'm an experienced carpenter with all power tools and it is still labor and time extensive. Is very very hard to compete against China as far as prices and i'm reselling things I refurbish I get free that originally came from China. Hope they are like Japan eventually. They get to where their imports are so quality that they become to costly to import here . Every idea I've tried to build and mass sell China already is selling here. I can't buy the materials to make the items that China sends complete cheaper.
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@Fallingdown004--The items I've posted have been anywhere from dressers, cabinets, household items, car accessories--the items vary. I totally agree with you in that if you're the person assembling and selling items & then you receive a low offer, or a person that's rude, that tells me they should go to the store or elsewhere especially if they feel as though they can "get the item cheaper"--it sounds exciting all that you do, put together, & accomplish!! How exciting!!