Reading the entire post

Level 3
Why is it so difficult for people to read a post? All information about an item is listed, including where the location of the item is. All i ever hear is " where are you lacated? " or what size is it? Etc. If they bothered to read the entire pist, they'd see all the information. I'm tired of answering the same questions over and over only to hear, i Sorry, its too far away, or no longer intetested.. I wish people would stop wasting my time! Either you want it or you don't !
Community Helper
It's frustrating. I always point them to the description whenever I know that what they are asking is in the description. Then they read what they want and then ask me whatever else is not in the description. Sometimes they dont think about distance when they want something. As for not being interested, people only keep interest for so long.