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Has anyone used OfferUp in making any real estate connection, purchases or rentals?

Maybe you didn't make a purchase. Maybe you connected a friend or family member with someone's post. Maybe you've found renters or sold here. If so please share your experience with us.
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I have actually seen quite a few houses posted on OfferUp!! 

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Haven’t seen any in my area, tho i wonder where would one post those listing, which category, and is it within OfferUp guidelines?
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I have seen houses listed.

I would think that renting would be more of a service... hmm.

I am like @Mark4. I wonder how or if that whole real estate fits in with the guidelines.

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Good question! My husband and i are first time home buyer. Would love to know if there is a a special tab just for that.
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There is not a special tab for real estate.

What is your favorite part of being a home owner? Smiley Happy

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I don't see any reason that real estate would violate OfferUp TOS. I agree @Shupat, rental listings could be seen as a service. Could actually be more of a problem for licenced agents or brokers using listings from the MLS.

@Mark4. I would think just posting in general, for now, is as good a place as any. I've come across more listing using other apps but some here as well. I can see it being useful. However, I can also see things going off the rails with tons of, "We buy houses for cash" listings by the hundreds.
Maybe a seperate wing for real estate, like we need for autos?
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Welcome to the Community Forums @NellyMiamiLakes. Not clear if you are looking to purchase or just did? There is no tab or section currently for real estate on OfferUp. If your in search, I wish you and your husband the very best in your search. It can be emotionally taxing and a frustrating process. In the end, the reward is a blessing! My wife and I have purchased and continue to invest as well. I can offer tips if you have questions just shoot me a message. I'm no scholar but I do have experience I can share through my trials and errors.
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Yea I think a category for real estate(mostly rentals) would work great. I can see it for people who wanna rent out for a couple months, looking for someone to sublease, renting out a room etc. there so many apps like and Zillow but for some purposes those are too official. I can really see it work out the way CL used to, especially because CL is kinda hit and miss now.
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