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I listed a couch on OfferUp and received response for purchase. The person presented an elaborate story. Which from the beginning seemed odd but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, the story was they were elderly, the son was purchasing item as gift, he would be mailing me a check, he lived in another state and movers would be picking up couch. The 1st clue was they didn’t want details about the couch as far as length, height etc... The 2nd clue was they wanted to pay by check AND the check would include money to pay movers. The 3rd clue was they would never give me the information on the movers. I went along with this on the slim off chance it was real, had them mail check to an office (definitely not my home). Eventually the check showed up, they even sent it with a tracking #. The tracking showed shipment from California but the check was written from a church in Fla. information on the check was misspelled and they printed my name and also printed cashier check on it (anybody who is familiar with banking knows that cashier checks come directly from the banks, you can’t print them from your computer). The person kept telling me to deposit the check and let them know when I had done so. I told them I was taking it directly to the bank the check was written out of so I could cash it. I was selling the couch for $500 and the check was for $2,600.00 which meant I was to give the “movers” 2,100.00. Now this seemed to be a very high price to buy a couch but they had an explanation. The movers were picking up multiple items from different places and I was doing them a favor by paying them (they would never tell me why they couldn’t pay the movers directly). I took the check to bank and asked them to verify that it was authentic. The account was real so I had the teller contact the church to verify they had authorized it. She called and the church of course said that it was fraudulent, which came as no surprise!! I am guessing the scam was for me to pay “the movers” $2,100. If I had been naive enough and deposited that check and paid that money, I would have been out $2100 because the bank teller said eventually the check would have been rejected and the bank would take back their money and most likely frozen/closed my account. So please be aware - there are very trusting people out there who would have fallen for this!!!
Level 9
Never accept checks as payment from anyone other than an employer or the gov.

It baffles me that people still fall for this, thanks for sharing.

I almost fell for this just today. I had a lady with no profile pic or info contact me about a patio chaise lounge I had up for $45. She called herself Demetria and said she was on travel but was buying this for a cousin. Same as your situation, she wanted to send me a cashier check and then have movers come and take the couch. She also wanted me to take down the ad to hold the lounge for her. Which I did.  I unfortunately gave her my contact infor for the check before realizing to check google for scams. And sure enough I was directed to this forum where I find to my consternation that this is an oldie.

I feel about as stupid as a person can feel. I tried her number and got no answer. I texted her to not send the check because I know its a scam. I haven't heard back from her so I hope that is the end of it. I just feel so foolish to have given her any info at all!  Of course now I see all the red flags: No profile, no interest in the actual lounge details, a strange insistence to take down the ad.  Please be smarter than me and do not engage anyone that wants to send you a cashiers check or other payment!