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Why aren't car scams were the price is $2ooO for a 2OO4 HONDA not deleted right away/more often ?

People are actuallylooking for affordable cars.
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A lot of users don’t look closely enough to identify a scam listing either. Maybe they don’t like the make/model, so they just move on. Maybe they live in a different market and that price isn’t outrageous or doesn’t raise any red flags. It isn’t unless you look and see that the same car is listed in 28 major metros across the nation within an hour, or until after you start messaging with the seller that maaaybe the scam becomes more apparent. Also, not everyone reports when they DO figure it out. At that point, a lot of people feel like they’re already being tricked and they get off the site entirely.
You have to keep in mind if it sounds to good to be true it prolly is...always stay a little on the paranoid side and assume you are the only genuine close attention, take notice of pictures of item, post dates and times, phone numbers and contact info...never meet someone in there home or invite them to yours...evil is real and its active everywhere...stay sharp make smart choices and follow your gut....if ur sketchy or unsure meet at a police station...of it's not a scam or set up there should be no issue from the other party involved...dont make the mistake of assuming the other person is like you! If u become aware or suspect fake or fraudulent ads take the time to report and inform the community so others are not at risk...God bless one
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