Scammer contacted me outside of Offerup. How?


Hi. I'm trying to get some insight into how this happened since it worries me that someone can contact me outside of Offerup so easily.


I posted and item last night. This morning I got this email that seems to come from Offerup. Just to clarify, the email seems to come from Offerup, it includes the photos, title and price of the item I posted, it even contains an "View Message & Reply" buttom that I never click but I checked and it points to



“]' Hi! My husband got interest & ready to make an outright purchase ,E-mail him on Jamesbu211 G* M* A* I* *L -with pics/final price he will respond asap. Take care ”



I know better than to contact someone like that, so I went into the app to see if I could flag de message or the user, and Offer up says I haven't got any messages or offers yet on my item (see screenshots in the link).


Maybe the user account was already cancelled and the message removed from my inbox? Did Offerup leaked my email address somehow? My user name on the app the username before the @ on my email address are different so they could not have just guessed.


Screenshots: <link removed>

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You can't post links to outside sites in this forum, so you should delete this.

It's probably just some random scammer that somehow got your email address. It probably doesn't even have anything to do with the fact that you listed something on this site. They don't even mention which item they're trying to buy.

I'm going to have to delete the link then, but if you take one minute to check it before replying, you will see that your assumption is wrong and therefore you answer is not helpful, since the email I got includes the picture, title, location and price of the item I posted.

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I wouldn't worry about this person. They are just another scammer. Keep all interactions on Offerup and then Offerup can do something. Just delete the email and you should be fine. Also delete the link in your original post.