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A scammer going by the name summer is on here posting false items. She posted iPad Pro 10 🧜‍♀️ for 350. When we made the exchange and I was able to check it I notice that it was not the iPad she advertised. I immediately messaged her back to meet up so I can get my money back. She messaged back she was on the way back but never showed up. She has her picture on her profile. And is labled a truyou member. How do I get my money back from this scammer
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I am experienced a scammer too. She lied about the storage amount twice. And now having prank buyers backing out and one today disrespected me after trying get a meetup and he called me a b word. I am so discouraged right now I am in depression mode. I understand being scammed out of something not described.
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@Cassattboi--I'm sorry that you didn't receive the item you anticipated. Did the seller not give time for you to see the item before the purchase? That's an unfortunate situation that the seller wouldn't try to make the situation right. You should reach out to:

OfferUp Customer care

--And report the incident. I hope this helps!!