Level 1
I saw this person called AK on here a couple days ago...selling WISH jewelery that they're getting for free or a dollar on here selling them for over $100...I reported it and confronted them...I even have a set of the rings they were asking $120 for...that I got for FREE on Wish...if its jewlery..ALWAYS meet at a jewlery store and make sure of what you're buying....I dont see them now so either they got booted or blocked me for letting them know that I have s reenshots from wish for all the jewelery they were trying to rip people off on...never got an answer...
Level 2
This is where people have to be independently informed. If I see something that someone is selling and I know it goes for WAY cheaper, I tend to ignore and move on or present a "reasonable" offer. If they don't like my offer, then I just say "thanks" and move on. Personally I know that it's not a reasonable price that they are asking for, but I can't make a person change their mind.

Those who aren't informed on such items and think it's a "steal", then honestly, that's their fault. It's just the wolves preying on the sheep pretty much. I tend to sell my items at, what I feel, a reasonable price. Do I feel bad for those that bought that item for way more than they should have from such people? Yeah, I really do, but we all can't be their Superman.

The only way to keep the wolves at bay is to teach yourself about said item(s) that are being sold and then either give a proper offer and inform the seller that their price is unfair/unreasonable. If the seller doesn't like it, then you can't do anything about it really. Sure we can report them, but is it going to do anything? It may get taken down but I'm sure they'll repost and/or mark it down a tiny bit.

People just need to do a bit of research, those who can't be bothered to do so can't really be helped. I do feel your anger a bit, but it's how the game goes. Be self-informed or get taken advantage of. I know it sounds like I don't care, but I do, it's just some things can't be helped.

IDK, it's just such a controversial topic. Like people want to make money on here, which is fine (to some extent), but others just want to make some of their money back from their purchases and give a great deal to someone who is interested. It's just one of those things that can't really be fixed because people are individuals and individuals will do as they please.