Sellers posting items on here for more than they are in the store brand new

I saw a seller today that had posted a deadbolt lock set for 10 times the amount of the price that it is found at Walmart or a home improvement store that's a total RIP off and who would pay 100.00 for a dead bolt lock set on here when they can can go to wal mart or home depot and get one 4 15 to 20 bucks I think anybody who would pay for that on here with that price of 100 on his out is out of their mind like really
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@I_Am_Awesone_28 while if the item is indeed the same that's capitalism! This should go as a reminder to buyers to do their homework like you did. On the other hand if that deadbolt were a kwikset or Defiant its probably $20 or so but if its a Baldwin then its likely to be over $100 , there are Baldwin lock set into the thousands of dollars.

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So what? It's a free country.  Don't like the price?  Don't buy it.  I see no point in complaining about someone's price.  I was selling an item for too close to new for some people who whined about it to me and I gave them an ear full in return.   I like how they conveniently left out a couple important factors: immediacy (get it now as opposed to waiting 1 week or more for it to ship buy purchasing online) and no shipping cost. or sales tax.



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