Sellers with no integrity

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Just made a deal to purchase an item. Seller wanted cash instead of prepaying through offerup, which was fine. Then got message she sold to someone else while we were en route to pick up! I reported the seller, but I doubt it will matter. Probably happens all the time, but is frustrating!
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Yep, Yep-that would be VERY FRUSTRATING! Never had that happen to me - yet - but it does happen from what I've heard.
You did the right thing by reporting it. Maybe it will help-maybe not.
Hope you have better results next deal you do.
I will say that once I've decided the best deal to go with...I stay in fairly constant or timely communication with them all the way to transaction sight. This helps us both kn O.U w the deal is definitely going down....Don't mess me around...
Hope you stay involved in Community Forums as there are lots of us buyers and sellers here that DO HACE INTEGRITY!
Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!