Selling to ACTUAL neighbors

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Hey Community!


Random question! Has anyone ever sold an item to someone that turned out to be a neighbor? I haven't personally, but I helped assist in a transaction like this! 


My old boss just moved to Arizona, and found the perfect item to buy for her sons birthday. I asked my mom to assist in the sale and pick the item up, as she lives in Arizona. Anyways, my mom went to schedule the meetup and she got a message saying "I only meet in public places, let's meet at the Goodwill" and sent the address, which just happened to be a couple of buildings over from my parents (I used to walk there all the time growing up!) When they completed the transaction, they found out that they had both walked to Goodwill, then got to talking and realized that the seller was a neighbor of mine for my entire life!! It was such a small world moment! 


Has anything like this ever happened to you? Share below!

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I was having a yard sale and some neighbors came and bought either a bookshelf or an entertainment center from me.