---Share Your... "Pay It Forward" Contribution(s)---

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@KSARASARA--Awesome way of thinking!! 😊😄
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The Survival of this Planet...
depends on our "Future Young Minds!!" ~
--- Keep up the "Humanitarianism"
I am a single mom with a chronic illness and a child with disabilities and I can tell you that it warms both his, and my heart, to give back. Any chance we can, we do, whether it is community service, food drives, paying it forward, donating clothes, toys, household goods if we hear of a local family in need or have a tragedy. I teach my children that although we need help ourselves often, to many, we are rich in their eyes, so we should count our blessings. Giving back helps lift OUR sports too, so we can't fall into the "oh whoa is me" category too often. We ALL can give back in one way or another! Smiley Happy
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I had a pay it forward just last night as i was selling some jewelry to a lovely lady and I had forgotten an item that was clearly in the picture and I also though t about the woman one day a few months ago who paid for my whole entire purchase at the checkout counter at the store because I unfortunately left my card at home and was digging through my purse as the line was getting bigger behind me and embarrassed as I could be . The lady behind me asked the cashier how much the total was and gave her the money .. I didn't expect that and surely didn't want her to do that but she wouldn't take no for an answer. I hugged her amd tears were just filling my eyes. So last night I thought about that as I had forgotten an item the buyer was wanting and drove back home a town over amd got all the items that I had listed that entire day and ket her have them for the cost of one item. She thanked me and thanked me and I just asked her to help someone else out someday. It is an awesome feeling when you do good things for others. Have a great day and happy selling and buying.
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Totally into Humanitarianism!
I try adding an extra $5 to the pump for the next user.
What comes around... goes around!
Will always have gas... lol⛽😆
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LOVE your topic gir!
I try to keep a gallon size baggie full of motel/hotel shampoos, soap, toothbrush, tea light candle, mouthwash. snacks, and other things I find that could be beneficial for the peeps standing outside homeless pr anyone I see that I can tell could use the "Baggie"...L11
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Hey @L11!
You are an 🌎 Angel!
Love your idea L11... very giving of you! Knew you had an awesome Spirit GIR!
Keep up the Humanitarian efforts... they ARE noticed! 💜
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So love this topic as well
And... your heartfelt contribution to our future generations!
Appreciate you appreciating teachers too... Some of my best role models growing up were teachers!