Shipping Problems!! Major Disaster if It wasn’t fixed asap

Level 3
I shipped 2 items on usps last may 30th

1st one is a return item which is needed to be sent before May 3rd, and the 2nd was sold for shipping and needed to be shipped before May 1st.

USPS got the item on may 30th but they don't activate the tracking number or lost it I dont know, I cant get a hold of them, not until Monday June 3. I dont have time to go to their hub today I have work.. and I'm afraid that the buyer will received the item, and get the refund also the return item, he will get the item but I wont get my refund.. this is a complete disaster, this is my source of living! I have receipt to prove that I drop the item on that day.

Needed any help/suggestion I can get thanks!


Make contact with shipping support from the app or follow the there instructions:

1. Login into (the website)
2. Copy/paste this link:
3. Scroll down to "I have questions...."