Shipping feature!?

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@Shango1370 I completely understand your frustration. However, it might be the items you are trying to ship. There is only certain categories that can not be shipped. I am not certain what categories they are. Maybe @Mj_206 cam better explain this.
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Thank you for clarifying! I actually had my shipping enabled, unexpectedly, in September and have been shipping items ever since! Shortly after, I was able to post more than 5 pictures, but it soon reverted back to only 5. 

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Hi i am new and i do not see the shipping feature when i posted my item as i have no interest in meeting with people. Can i get some help please.
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@Em18 Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Em18 Here’s information below you can try from OfferUp help. If you’re still having issues, I’ve added a link for customer care below if needed.

I don’t see shipping in the app,

We're making OfferUp's nationwide shipping program available as quickly as possible. For now, shipping is only open to customers in good standing who live in the 48 contiguous US states.

If you're not seeing shipping yet, here are some things to try:
* Make sure you're using the newest version of the app.
* Try quitting your app completely and relaunching it to be sure you're seeing the latest info.
* To be able to post shippable items for sale, validate your email address with us, if it hasn't already been validated.

You can also contact customer care through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you.

OfferUp Customer care,
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Hi Erin:  Can you let me know why the shipping feature is suddently not available anymore on my account?  Have opened a ticke but havent got a respons.

"the same thing has happened to my account.  what's the update on theshipping option? i had it and used it for months and now it shows "delivery" and my local zipcode - no shipping option just during the holiday season when i wanted to list a lot of items!!  i'm wondering if it is due to updates to the program and due to the os?  i use an iphone 6 and an older ipad 2"

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Is there a reason I seem to have lost that option on any new item I post ever since the new update?
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PLEASE, for everyone, ship with proper packaging! My seller didn't & now I'm stuck with damaged, worthless goods.
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The shipping option isn't available to me when I post. I'm verified on mostly everything and still dont have the feature. Does anyone know why?



Refer to this thread and read  @RevivalGypsy ' s replies within the same thread.


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I still dont have an answer, I went to post another item and my account still not giving me the shipping option. Like....dont know what to do.