Shipping feature!?

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@Jcncream Good question - I'm assuming that the funds will be released sometime tomorrow. Once the funds have been released, you will no longer see the Pending deposit as it will be on the way to your bank, which can take up to 5 business days.

If I'm remembering correctly, you have used the feature before, so the transfer to your bank should be sliiiightly quicker than last time. My guess is that you should have the funds on Monday or Tuesday Smiley Happy

I need the shipping option as well please.. I don’t want to have anyone come to my home, I have a young son and I’d be to scared.. please I can ship the items to them!
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Ibought some jewerly  to be shipped he has no idea how to ship yptjey say five days he waitung to get paid before he ships there are no rules for shippinh no instructions  so ifbyou havent shipped or received dont say u love it its very upsetting im wsiting and wzitung for my package 

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Shipping sucks people dont know what to do or how to ship no instructions offer up is not like it usedbto be simple they redidbour offers u cant see them on a row like that bad choices 

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The seller told you he was waiting 5 days for payment before shipping?

If that's what your saying, that's a user problem, not a shipping problem. Reminders are sent to the seller very quickly to ship the item. Payment wont come until after you've received and had your 3 day protection window.

The shipping feature has clear instructions from what I've seen.

How shipping works for sellers.  How shipping works for buyers

Now, my experience has been, some people set up for shipping but once they get the offer, they become flaky. Has happened to me with 3 recent sellers. Yet, yes, I love the shipping. How sellers handle it is another issue. Just like meeting face-to-face some people are more reliable than others.

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I also forgot: Buyer protection on OfferUp.

Which has worked fine for me when I used it. The return shipping will be up to you to handle of course.

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My package has not arrived he did not know how to ship he thinksbu get paid before shipping  now i psid in full he accepted now he sent it c.o.d no tracking at all he wonr respondnback offer up said i nred to handle it through buyers  protection its bs im out 57 dollars no packages  no help this shipping needs to clarify bet

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Hi there, @Lynnie22 - have you reached out to the Customer Care or Shipping team yet? 

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As a buyer I love it. Problem is it only shiws up sporadically at best and generally on my desktop and not my phone.  Which is weird. I had been lookig for a camera and never could find it local.  When I would ask sellers about the option, Bam!  That was basically the last communication, they wouldnt even respond. So,  the $500 went to someone on another site.  I even offered sellers the option of waiting till the payment cleared before sending the item.  Oh well, hey, some things you just cannot locate within a 8hr round trip, which is too bad.  Most of the time it is a very good thing, just not all the time

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Welcome to the Community Forums @ChuckDollar.
I'm not sure I can understand what you mean by it only showing up sporadically. You mean items available for shipping?

There is a tab above the listings to choose shipping in your search. If your not seeing that, maybe you need to update your app.