Shipping feature!?

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@WeaveQueen214 have you started doing shipping yet? If so, how has it been so far?

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Three months later and I've sold 140+ items in person, I still don't have the shipping feature. 60+ five-star ratings, but I'd love to pick up some momentum by being able to ship my 200+ offers
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Hey @fat_tony_714 I’ve just responded to your question in your thread topic; “New account, can't find the shipping option”
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TYFT, seems each device I use gives me  a different view.  One thing noobs like me need to know about OfferUp, it can be habit forming, much more fun than other less personal sitesI I have actually met two peopel that we communicate about every other daym as we have very similar interests, we will even send links of things we thyink the other would appreciate.  Can 't say I recommend this, but, be smart and safe, and, well, yeah, avoid it.  It works for me though.....

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@fat_tony_714 have you updated the app? Shipping is avail on all updated apps, as well as on web!

@Mj_206 hey can you let them know the new label system is printing the labels HUGE now even at actual size. I had to manually reduce the size 70% and there's no way to print reciepts now
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Interesting feedback, @BrightMoonstone


That reminds me of a funny story - my manager had her printing settings set up to print on HUGE paper, not the regular paper size. She printed off a boarding ticket for a flight before noticing her settings were still set to massive size. The boarding pass was like 2 feet long Smiley LOL Smiley LOL  She re-printed it at regular size after that.


Anyways, yes - I'll pass this on Smiley Happy

😂 lol hold that scanner 15 feet away to pick up that bar code!!
The label I printed today has shipping instructions so I guess its all new labels now and not printing like the old labels
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yes, that's the first, second, and tenth thing I did. shipping is NOT available and I have people looking into the issue, although it has been a week or more, I believe. no word back from staff, yet :-/