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Can anybody tell me how I once got to a "will ship to you" site and then suddenly it was gone..? I did msg 1 person, but they replied that they couldn't ship..was this all a random joke I just don't get? Anybody know anything would be great..thanks
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The feature was there because I had them on all my listings that qualified, but now that part has been removed. I'm surprised we didn't get a notification or something. I can't add the shipping option to any new or existing listing and it's frustrating. As a seller who is very familiar with shipping items nationwide via other selling platforms, even worldwide, this was one feature that I really liked. I really hope it comes back. Until then, I have to revise all my listings and remove the part where I say I can ship nationwide.

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Go ahead and update your apps, and on step 4 of the posting process, you'll see a toggle to allow for nationwide shipping Smiley Happy

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Mine doesn’t have it and i updated my app ):
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Directly after you enter your location/zip code, you will select "Nationwide" (which is directly underneath). I hope this helps!!