So i'm a newbie here

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anyone have any tips, tricks,tricky tricky tidbits to tell? (YES - that''t'' thing was harder than expected!

BUT-really-what works here versus similar apps and sites?
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First and foremost welcome 😁

There's a couple main things to keep in mind.

Ask questions if you're a buyer, the more the better.

Inspect any items thoroughly before committing.

A persons profile may give you an idea of how they do business.

If you're a seller ask them if they have questions, provide accurate details in your posts / ads and take well lit images.

Be polite and direct.

Don't ignore anyone if you can help it, you wouldn't want to be ignored so don't do it to others.

Avoid possible confrontation by blocking — don't stress yourself out.

Try to contribute in the forums whenever you're able.


Versus others?

I'd say it's simpler to use than any website.

You can manage ads directly from your phone — pictures / offers / direct messaging

Although there are similar apps, this one has more accurate results for items I've found.

Everything else I've used is also either super slow or lacking in some areas / features


If this is not the information you were expecting please clarify 🙂
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Welcome to OfferUp community. Wishing you all the best with OfferUp. Be sure to check out Pro Tips. There you will find info to help you with settling in. We are here to help just let us know when you need help. Why did you join OfferUp? For the selling or buying?


Welcome! Take the time to navigate and find your way around the forums & tips. Ask questions, share, chime in, have fun Smiley Happy

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Welcome @suzicuee!! I'm sure you'll find great advice here from other community members Smiley Happy

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Great tips @goblin. Smiley Happy

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@suzicuee Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community
suzicuee so glad your here and asking advice from members, just to add, when you get a chance check out this link for tips when selling items, here’s the link below. Hope this helps you. 😊