Someone tried to scam my friend... please read

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So, someone bought a working item from my friend on OfferUp, claimed it was broken and demanded a refund, then tried to sell the same item on OfferUp for more than he bought it for from my friend... with no mention of it being broken! The scammer even threatened my friend with the police if he didnt get a refund (no refund was given). Once the scammer was busted out by my friend, the scammer conveniently removed his posting. I did report the scammer and so did others. Can I post his username and location to warn others?
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@christie79 Hi! I'm sorry this happened to your friend. I appreciate you wanting to warn others, but posting personal information like that is against our Community Guidelines. Thank you so much for reporting this person, like you said. Our team will look into it and take care of it ASAP. 

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Hello @christie79, Yikes! Thanks for reporting this character!

I would like to welcome to OfferUp. Take the time to navigate and find your way around the forums where you will find amazing and useful information. While in the forums be sure to join the conversations, ask questions, share, hand out a kudo or two (thumbs up), earn badges and enjoy.