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“If you have purchased particular items, sold items, viewed items within the app you will be sent notifications as to possible items that may be of interest to you. I hope this helps"

I love a good strawman argument! haha Seriously, why would explainibg the obvious algorithm beind this annoying spam help those being annoyed by it?
Not being able to opt out of spam notifications from Offer Up takes a toll on the user experience of the app. You think your getting a message about your listing, but nope! It is just offer up updating you, without permission, about an item you searched for months prior or something “you may be interested in”.

Each time this happens it makes me more frustrated that I wasted time opening the app to find a notification that has nothing to do with my listings or potential offers.
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Hotrod posted the solution and you guys are ignoring it.
I’ve done this but I still get the notifications for suggested items I might like, etc. Why doesn’t turning off push notifications actually, you know, turn them off????
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@Ladylantzalot is correct. iOS users did not have the communication preferences for the longest time. Now that we can turn off all notifications and have zero searches saved, we still get random alerts based on past searches. Yesterday, I got one of the “hey, it’s time to shop for this” alerts. I should be getting none of these. It’s at the point where I dread searching for anything on OfferUp because I know I will be pestered for it regardless of the app’s communication preferences.
I’m glad it’s a real bug. But now how do we get them to fix it???
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I’m still receiving notifications a year after looking at something. How do I make it stop?
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I have  been having the same problem with this app.  OfferUp got tired of hearing complain about this and locked up my account so I could not buy or sell.  This is how they fix it by silencing you.

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Why do I get notifications encouraging me to buy something that I've already bought?