Spamming Sellers !!!!!

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Yesterday while I was browsing on offerup looking to purchase some furniture, I came across a seller that has 700+ listings.  As I went through his offers, I found that most of his items are listed 5+ times, just reflecting different city locations.  REPORTED - still up and running.


Why is this allowed? Obviously this is spamming out of control.  Damaging the legit sellers on here and the site's reputation itself.


Also, I observed that the furniture dealers that spam the heck out of Craigslist are on here too. Including the car dealers or scammers just copying of Craiglist to post on here and they are not even the rightful owners of such merchandise advertised.


There are obvious loop holes / glitches on site that must be fixed asap - so this site may prosper with legit items and not scammers.


Good Day!



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I've been told by a few people that sometimes they post the images numerous times in the hopes that it will receive more views & potential buyers. Thanks for sharing!!
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Yes, that could be a possibility. I can't think of any reason a picture of a car in front of the same house would be posted in Va, TX, and WA. I keep find this more and more, this takes me longer to find ligitmate offers. Any thoughts?
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@Orca99--When you see duplicate posts, Sam's items different locations you should go to the top of you screen & flag/report the person. The more reports received, the more likely those types of duplicatations will be removed. Thanks so much for sharing!!