Staring At Your Phone All Day - Phone Obsession Disorder - Screen Psychosis

Level 1

Ten signs you may have a problem (Remember Denying Is A Symptom)


1. When you check your phone to see the current temperature instead of opening a window, and/or when you check your phone to see the current time instead of looking at the watch that's right on your wrist. 


2. When you have to consciously say to your spouse "Let's put our phones away" while watching TV because it's more common that they're out than away.

3. If you are answering emails in a dimly lit reception area while waiting for your massage therapist to destress you, you may have a problem.


4. When your kids have to text you their carry-out orders because you've lost the ability to retain information that is not received on your phone.


5. When you hope you hit a bunch of red lights on the way home so you can comment on a Facebook post.


6. When one of your daughter's first drawings of you has a BlackBerry in your hand.


7. When you wake up, you grab your phone and check it before you get up to pee.


8. When you drop a phone on your face because you're dozing off.


9. When you choose your clothing based on the best pockets to hold your phone.

10. When you are staring at photos you took on your phone while the actual moment is taking place right in front of you.