Strangest items you’ve seen for sale?

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What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen for sale?
Two $1 bills for $5, I offered him $4Smiley Wink he said he’d take it LOL
A lowered red rider wagon
A fur hat, actually looked more like road kill on their head

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Hahaha this made me laugh out loud...hmmm I’ve seen a funeral plot for sale, a cat tail butt plug, a bitten Haagen daz ice cream bar and my all time favorite is dirt for sale 🤣🤣🤣
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Man I will sale 2-1$ bills for 4$ all day long 😳
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Chris, are you a business man or a philanthropist?

I have loads of dollar bills too in anyone’s interested?

I saw an uneaten burrito once, maybe the guy realized he was full after he bought it...
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@Mark4 The real question is...


was it Chipotle? Smiley Tongue

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I just get a kick out of people, they want to be funny and list something ridiculous, I can’t help myself but play along 😜
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It could’ve been a chipotle, I shoulda snapped that burrito up right away, ahh all the lost opportunities...
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It wasn't something for sale but it was posted. It was a pic of a $20 dollar bill. The title read need to rent a lawn for yard sale

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Well you can’t have a yard sale with no yard, you can have a patio sale, a porch sale, or driveway sale but otherwise no yard sale. Sounds like a good deal tho, basically if you’re a reseller you can host the yard sale for some cash and get dibs on the items.
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Yep 😂 @Chris555 I’ve seen a post with picture of a $1.000.00 cash 💰 with no information. So I offered the guy $501.00
He just deleted his post lol, you see crazy
Things sometimes.