Taking A Check emphatically NO

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This from a potential buyer: "Now my preferred means of payment is via a check. Can i mail you a check for this item you wanna sell? Note that You don't get to release your item until you have your cash. So you have nothing to lose."
My reply: Sorry, no. You have no product protection unless you pay through the site. You could pick up a prepaid card almost anywhere.
There endeth the lesson.🤣😃🤣😋❤
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Killer Closet,
Smart move and way to go! I just wanted to add, from personal experience, that if you are tempted to take a check, don’t. Not only can you incur fee’s, but checks can be generated or washed and then filled out again. I do not know/care how this, so don’t ask. What I do know is that your bank account can be terminated for fraud...even if you explain to the bank manager about the whole situation. If you were able to cash it at a currency exchange, you will be required to pay the money back.
Thank again for bringing this up in the forum and I wish you better luck with your sales Smiley Happy