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I don't understand why people say that nothing is impossible!

I do nothing everyday!

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Yes... @Woodguychris!
So you too! Smiley Wink
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"Why is it so hard to buy a gift for a futurist?"
"They never like the present..."
Ciao' for now my friend... Smiley Wink
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@REMEMBRANCE see ya later alligator!

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Try this tongue twister:

A Tudor who tooted the flute

Tried to toot two Tudors to toot

Said the two to the Tudor

Is it harder to toot

Than to toot two Tudors to toot!

Level 9
Level 9

On a recent occasion while I was watching TV. I was flipping through the channels and came across a program called Divorce Court. I suddenly became intrigued by the case they were covering. It was a custody case where a bitter divorce had left the court to decide fate of a little girls custody. With no one wanting to be to blame for taking this little girl from the other parent, they decided to leave it up to the little girl herself!

So while on the witness stand the judge asked the little girl if she would like to go with her mommy or her daddy? The little girl said in a terrified voice please don't make me live with my daddy he beats me! Good God said the judge now glaring at the father, we wouldn't want to put you in any danger child you can go live with your mommy! But before the judge was able to strike her gavel the little girl cried out, oh please don't make me live with my mommy she beats me too! In disbelief and confusion the judge asked the little girl, who do you want to live with? The little girl replied, I want to live with the Raiders they don't beat anybody!