The Outrageously Popular Hobby of Vintage Matchbook Collecting!

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Oh.... It isn't "outrageously popular"? Well then... Feel free to send me any and all ubjque or vintage matchbooks, preferabley full and unstruck. The only market is ebay and I am the only buyer. Thank you..
Level 5
I have yet to recieve my first shipment.
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I've never given thought to matchbook covers as collectibles. Although, when I think back on it, over the years, I have made it a point to keep them; from bars/pubs, hotels, casinos, restaurants etc.....and I'm not even a smoker.

At some point, they always seemed to get tossed in the trash eventually.

I would likewise think old matchboxes would be quite the catch. Those are like a trip back in time. Have you had any luck using OfferUp to help you?