The oddest thing you've seen posted on Offerup

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I have seen for like a month now french fries was even gone to the point I had to ask how much he was looking for or what he was wanting from his post but of course no response.
@Kristopher2309 Whaaat? French fries! 😂 omg that's too funny!
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Someone was selling "packaging services"

So many sexual puns, it was obviously a joke and actually was pretty funny. Then there was a post with a guy in a purple wig selling his couch with sweaty foot stains and b.o. as a featured spelling point.
@RevivalGypsy 😂 and Eeeew! I figured this thread would get some interesting stories lol
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I am 99% sure most of the weird stuff would come from Florida. 😂
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Omg this reminds me of a test post I made once... I posted "half-eaten cold nachos" once to test out some rules. I got at least 20 offers on those nachos (and about 5 reports against me for not following the rules - which was fair) but apparently, the cold nachos were a hit Smiley LOL 


(I don't recommend posting joke posts like this though because it actually got my account flagged Smiley LOL )

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No one eats cold nachos. No one. I'd flag you! @Mj_206 sicko 😁
😂 that's funny that people would make offers and yes I can see how a post like this would get a person booted from all the reports.
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@Mj_206 Don’t make me escalate your post!. 😂 🤣😂😎🇬🇧🔚
Yep cold Nachos and old French fries are seriously disgusting! Banned immediately!