The oddest thing you've seen posted on Offerup

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A box of rocks. I got a good laugh when I came to that posting!
Lol I'm a rock freak @LoriKinney I might be interested! 😂
I just saw a listing for one 👞 shoe. They don't have the other matching shoe..
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Silly, people funny, funny people. OMG🤭
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Ive found my property for sale on offerup which is very odd cuz it was my stuff.
(It was recovered) it always is.)
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@Ssanty702--Hello!! I was reading your post. Have people stolen your property & then sold it/attempted to sell it on OfferUp? That's unbelievable. Thank you for sharing!!
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I found a girl selling used positive pregnancy tests for 25 dollars.
@Pageluttrall Another person has said they saw this also! That's crazy!
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@Pageluttrall--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I hope you have an amazing time interacting with other buyers and sellers, sharing your thoughts and ideas, as well as exploring the different forums!! That's unfortunate that someone would take such an experience & misuse buy selling positive tests. Very unfortunate. Thank you so much for sharing!!
@Ssanty702 that should help the cops find who they are if your stuff is stolen!