The oddest thing you've seen posted on Offerup

I agree @Hi-there unbelievable the things people come up with! Sad
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@BrightMoonstone--You were reading my mind about the pregnancy test, very sad & disturbing.
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@BrightMoonstone--The worse part about it is imagining how many people might respond to her & make a purchase.
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Yea I honestly couldn't believe it so I messaged the person and asked if they were seriously doing that but got no reply. I did screen shot it on my phone though and reported the post as a scam.
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@Pageluttrall--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! It's awesome that youre taking the opportunity to interact with others in the different forums, & share your thoughts & experiences!! Thankfor sharing!! It's a great thing that you reported the situation; it was highly inappropriate.
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It's been awhile ago since I saw it. If I come in contact with it I will keep you in mind! Lori
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Three ice trays for a dollar I thought a What??
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@524 hahaha - were they in Washington?! That's a great deal Smiley LOL

Omg mine would be seein women's underwear and not just the USED
Women underwear ewwww