The oddest thing you've seen posted on Offerup

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I think the people that reported me ended up getting a little OfferUp swag for following the rules and acting so quick! My post was only up for 5 minutes or so! But it helped us automate some of the food detection we have in place now, so that's the silver lining! Smiley LOL

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---Okay y'all... FL in the "Hood" ☀😎
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Oh yeah where about im From Fort Lauderdale
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-YUP... for sure y'all are going to crack-up (can't believe admitting to this)... definately was "Flagged"
Anyhoo, my absolute first post "Ever", anywhere, was on OfferUp!
-Get this: Was so clueless (in the beginning) about Online Marketplace buying/selling (prior to TOS/Guidelines, ofcourse) that posted the recently shed skin of a 4' snake that I had found in the hedges! Had an awesome background though... floated him in the pool to show his actual size! Have seen him numerous times since... 😉
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Yup that will do it for sure @KSARASARA
😂 😂, totally Against guidelines for sure!😎🇬🇧🔚
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---Welcome @Kristopher2309---
-Nice... on other side of Coast 🏄
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YUP... !! @Hotrod
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Cool I got friends in Sarasota, bradington, Tampa, veince, and also St pete
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There's a market for e'rythang! @KSARASARA i love this!
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---Ur cute @RevivalGypsy---
That's what I love about your personality...
"Always seeing the glass half "FULL"