The oddest thing you've seen posted on Offerup

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@BrightMoonstone--I was looking on OfferUp & noticed a horse for sale for $2,500. & then underneath it there was a water bottle for sale & said negotiable--really!!😀😁
@Hi-there LOL 😂 these kind of posts crack me up!
Level 10! You're a 10!
@BrightMoonstone--I was reading the post on the OfferUp app & was like Scooby Doo.....rrrrrr!! 😀😁😂
That's like the Collection of dead bic lighters is posted for 12,345.
Huh? Why? 😨
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@BrightMoonstone--That's too funny!! You have me laughing so hard!! 😀😁😂
Level 1
One makeup brush.

A small bottle of used lotion.

Less than half of a 10 dollar bill, and the price was $8???!!
@Fuctupgirl lol she can keep it!
Level 6
A used toilet seat.... and a starburst for .50 cents & $7shipping😂
Level 10! You're a 10!
@Fuctupgirl---I would like to welcome you to the OfferUp Community Forum!! Yhis is a great place to interact with other buyers, sellers & community members!! That's too funny!! I can't believe some of the things people want to sell!! 😁😂😀
@Alright 😂😰 lol