The oddest thing you've seen posted on Offerup

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@Fuctupgirl--Thats too funny!! I can't believe that someone would post that!! 😀😁
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@BrightMoonstone--I was reading a few of these posts & laughing so hard!! 😀😁😂
One man's junk is NOT always another man's treasure!! 😂
@Hi-there I see alot of weird stuff in my area I thought it would interesting to see what everyone else is noticing!
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@BrightMoonstone--I know exactly what you mean. The items people mentioned are very funny!! I've noticed some bizarre things posted, but some of the items listed in the forum I haven't seen in the app, which makes it even funnier!! 😀😁😂 Thanks for sharing!!
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A germinated Money Tree!
@KaraLaylynn that's interesting! 💰$
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I would say buy THAT! 😂
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@RevivalGypsy--I was going to say the same thing.!! You're too funny!! 😀😁😂
We can all use one of those!! 😂💰