The oddest thing you've seen posted on Offerup

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@BrightMoonstone, I have seen some odd postings here on Offer Up, but there is one from years ago on CL that took the cake. I was totally shocked by it. A lady was offering her breast milk for sale. She claimed that she wanted to help women who couldn't breastfeed their babies. She kept emphasizing that she was completely healthy (disease-free). I remembered that she wasn't selling her breast milk for cheap. Seemed like she wanted to make a profit off of it. The ad must have gotten reported because it was taken down a few hours later. I don't think that that should have be posted on CL. There are professional human milk banks available for those who can't breastfeed, this woman on CL was looking to make as much money as she could. I was completely disgusted. SMH.
@ALLY78 WoeW that does take the cake! Ewwww smh humans can be so weird sometimes! How does someone think of these things?
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@ALLY78 how funny, I just read a tweet about a lady selling her breast milk on fb marketplace and someone checked her page and there was a post about how she bought a used mattress stuffed with meth once. People are disgraceful and and careless.
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- ikr. Seriously,
some people will do anything for a buck. Just crazy! 🤯 Wow, I just read your last post about another lady selling b.m. who bought a mattress that she found meth in. Say what? People have no shame!!! SMH.😔
@RevivalGypsy exposing her skin to a meth mattress and selling breast milk..scarry stuff!
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@RevivalGypsy, I was getting you mixed up with Bright Moonstone. Sorry. That is just scary. The meth mattress exposure and all, but seriously what scares me are the people who buy the breast milk. Just what are they exposing their babies to?There should be a complete ban from breast milk being sold on these online sites. It is scary dangerous.😯
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@BrightMoonstone--Oh my goodness!! You had me laughing so hard!! I can't believe it!! Just when you thought you heard it!! 😀😁😂