The oddest thing you've seen posted on Offerup

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@BrightMoonstone--It would be even worse if it was used--😂🤣😨
Ewwww! I reported it I think those things are on the prohibited list.
Deleted my post. I wont be posting on here anymore unless I have a problem...
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@BrightMoonstone--If you saw that I hope you did report it. Thanks!!
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@BrightMoonstone--As stated everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks!!
I guess OU has a new employee of the forum who assists in escalating things that they dont approve of. I only wrote what the item says on OU and said I hope it wasnt used. Everyone on OU thats nationwide can see the item.. I didnt post the item nore did I call anyone names so I will just now only comment on the regular stuff that everyone is tired of reading...
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@BrightMoonstone--The post was created regarding "The oddest thing you've seen posted on OfferUp"--were simply speaking about things we've seen. I'm actually shocked at some of the items people listed, but it is funny!! 😁😀
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You’re a really good person... don’t let that stop you from being helpful. You helped me and I appreciate it💕 thank you
@Alright much love! ♡ Glad I could help! You had me in tears laughing the other day!
It's pretty smokey in my neck of the woods from all the fires here on the west coast. I saw an offer for "authentic air" priced at I think $30 or so & the picture was a empty jar with a hand written lable "Air" was only posted for a day at the most, but thought it was a bit odd & funny.