Things you sell

How many items have you all actually sold on here? What kind of items sold the quickest? Tips on better selling!?
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Hi @AshleeTigruss I’ve sold hundreds of different items in the last five years,

In my area, all electronics - cell phones - flat screens TVs - video games - kids toys - bicycles - private party cars, I’ve sold two of my personal cars with in one day - all kinds of household items - clothing is a slow sellers in my area. It’s all going to depends on condition and your listing prices. If your prices are higher than others selling similar items, you’ll probably not going to get a lot of interested buyers. I recommend doing your homework on other people’s similar items on OfferUp and price your items to sell, before posting your items.

My tips are, great communication with buyers and sellers - staying in contact with your buyers and sellers through out your deals - being honest on condition of your items - cleaning items before listing - always be polite no matter what people say. just report and block.

making buyers inspect items before paying and leaving, what I do to cut down on no shows is, tell buyers to message me when they get to my meeting location, also adding I’m only two minutes from there and will head over. when I explain why they totally understand about no shows. since doing this I’ve had everyone show up. If the people get rude about messaging, those are usually the ones that don’t show up. and you don’t want to do deal with anyways. like I said before repost and block them at that point. Hope this helps you.
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Electronics, video games and home equipment are usually things that sell better since they have multiple uses.

Any form of entertainment really.

I've sold 150+ items, although there was a time I didn't care for stars, which is why my ratings are under that, still 5 ★ though.

I sell pre-modded video game consoles / dvds / furniture

Just be honest and polite when selling.

As Hotrod said though, clothes, makeup, baby stuff may not sell well unfortunately or fast.

Keep prices competitive as well.

For example some people will sell a 400$ (when new) laptop for 380$ and then wonder why it doesn't sell and blame the app.

Furniture, bodybuilding equipment, home appliances etc. sell decently as long as it's reasonably priced.