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Very difficult when you ha e a large item that needs to be picked up at your home...I’m finding that some people once they receive your address, which I never give out til the last minute and only in the AM..never at night....anyway....once they have the address..all of a sudden they can’t come for some reason..makes me suspicious of their intentions...any advice on how to deal with this other than reporting, which I do....

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@HappyToPart...Setup the meeting location at a Starbucks or something similar, close by your home to qualify the buyer (has the appropriate truck, money, manpower,etc.). Once you feel comfortable, proceed to the actual location.

I have come across a few incidences where the peraon was so interested,to the point of excessive messaging and once we agreed on our time and they had to come to my place for whatever reason they stop responding. So i message and ask why. The most common answer has been they didn't realize how far they lived from me as Tuvson is pretty big. Or they depend on uber or the bus or someone else for transportation and it just isn't reasonable to set it up for the item. So if you want to get rid of this large item maybe ask why they stop responding and try to find a compromise. Good luck! 😊
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hi @HappyToPart some people are just not comfortable meeting at someones house,,,,i know a lady and her daughter that buy furniture on offerup and restore it for resale,,,,,,she has a truck and will meet in most any public parking lot in town,,,but she will not go to or inside anyones house,,,,she doesnt feel safe to do so,,,but im sure she tells the seller that,,,,,i dont know why they would just stop responding, unless other sellers were rude to them in the past when they suggest meeting ,,,,,,a lot of sellers as well as buyers dont have a truck.

We have Safe Trade Stations in my state. The police departments have a area in the parkinglot with cameras that are especially for this. I think alot of states have them now. You can Google Safe Trade Stations and list will come up by state and department.
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OUM = OfferUp Members
Would LOVE to secure an OfferUp Meet-up locale at the new Police Sub-Station in my vicinity of Florida 🌞
Patiently waiting for guidance on following thru with this goal from OU's finest; (Hint, Hint)
(🎶 Whistling...😉)
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There are lots of MeetUp Spots in Florida, so this is a great suggestion! I'll pass this onto the team that builds these relationships @KSARASARA Smiley Happy

These MeetUp Spots are really great! 

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It's been weeks now @Truthbomb71, but let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the Community Forums. You posted just once but made a big impact on this thread. I know I speak for many in saying we'd love to hear more from you.

There are many current topics to delve into. Share more of your opinions ideas and experiences with us. Help us to grow the community!

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Awwww well thank you! Lol I’m sitting here trying to remember what I said haha. I’ll have to go back and look. I only knew you wrote this because I got an email that I actually saw! I get waaay toooo many emails in waaay too many accounts! Lol. I’ll try to do better at keeping up with these. Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate it and I would like to participate more in the forums, that’d be great! Hope you’re well!! Smiley Happy
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So @Truthbomb71  you'll always be able to get anyones attention by placing an @ in front of the members name, like I did yours. And yes, all is well, thank you. I have a few threads that are fun you can look up. You can get to know some of us better!