This might sound scary but you need to know

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I have a street smart & very good solution if you live in the Boston area? I'm close to becoming a private investigator if you feel weird about meeting someone even in a public place send a message me and I'll try to meet you there at the same place make sure you're protected.
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McDonald's has top notch surveillance surprisingly. Especially ones with the kids play areas. The organization builds the whole place with safety a top priority (to avoid lawsuits) Extremely safe place to transact and enjoy a 1$ large beverage.
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I think that's a generous offer @Jimmiller123. However, think about it....your no more of a known quantity than the other person.

I think people should follow their instinct and gut. Those who are unaware of the best meeting practices can find them easily in the forums tips sections. High visibility, public spaces with working cameras, daylight hours preferable, let friends/family know where your going & what your doing, take someone trusted with you. Those are just some of the most obvious. Safety to all.

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Yes, I agree with you; cyclomtic sorry if I spelled your farm name wrong I apologize? If I did? Actually I have many of my family is in Boston law enforcement and federal agents . And the best place to meet people is: right in Faneuil Hall, or right like near City Hall in Boston, anywhere close to a major center ! With lots of police around, people and bring a trusted friend . Here I am volunteering to be Superman for everybody. Lol I wish I was and be a lot better world!
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I like the McDonalds idea, @Tulare!

I pretty much aim to meet anywhere that has working surveillance. Police departments, grocery stores, fast food places, even bank lobbies! Someone once told me that as an individual, we have to be our own directors of safety, and that applies to OfferUp transactions as well. Smiley Happy

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I never really thought about it until the other day I was selling an item and the guy brought someone with him and then he was rude and made me feel scarred and uncomfortable; he also stole a bunch of items from my storage that were worth a lot of money and he was telling me no they weren’t... I told him he couldn’t take the items and he ignored me.. what do I do??
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Hi @Angel13Baby, Welcome to OfferUp Community Forum. I'm sorry you have to went thru things like that. Have you make police reports? Also report buyer to OU's customers care with police report numbers so they're starting investigate your case right away. It not right for someone come to your place took something and not paid for it. Hope this helps also you can search key words in this Community Forum for more info. How to reports abuse user to customer care. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Hope you recovery from this and good luck to you.
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Buyers and sellers are all dangerous so the only real danger is yourself, if you don’t listen to your instincts, then your the danger! But if your careful, and always bring a friend with you, your chances of anything bad happening are going to be much less, and if you are going to meet someone please people, don’t meet at a friggen CLOSED STORE that’s just ignorant!
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Not a bad idea at all imo meeting a stranger who may have bad intentions and he has a pistol (of course no legal permit to carry) on him, the sight of my pistol will at least make him think about his next actions. Maybe he decided to go for the lower hanging fruit; someone not armed. Maybe he keeps his original plan, in that case there’s gonna be a shoot out and the more skilled and prepared marksman will win, at least I brought a gun to a gun fight instead of nothing or reason cause you can’t reason with a sociopath. However this is a free country and your right to do business with whom you want and how you want is absolutely protected (for now, we will see next year how the court rules in the florist refusing flowers to a gay couple!) BTW I’m a pure libertarian in my thoughts no way would I associate with republican or democratic politics they are one in the same! Happy selling! Make money!