This might sound scary but you need to know

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Thanks for the advice
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I just let people come to my house. What am I gonna do, mug them at my address? And that way if they need a refund or something they know where to contact me.

And if they wanna try mugging me at my house, have at it.

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I have gone to people's houses. Not often, but have. Bought a microwave. Easy transaction, she met me outside, I was on my way. Always mindful and aware of my surroundings. I do NOT let tree fact that it was a woman our man influence my decision, usually prior conversations, instincts, and had people in the car with me, and people knew where I was going. It just happened to go down this way. Was not actually planned this way, but mostly common courtesy to inform others where/what is happening, and usually have company with me.
When even meeting with someone in public and we'll populated and lite areas, take 2 cars, one two watch, it's the best ever, police use this protective tactic, why not be concerned with the brutality and open brasin abductions of the innocents that met even with two in same car faith,
Please know the majority of the world are loving,caring and love a great deal kinda persons, but I have known the few that are not,
Be safe, take a little more inconvience, be more bothered by this selling tecnique, and the criminal will by my posting wonder, do they have someone surrounding me, looking out for me, follow me, not rip me off, in this public place
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Then can sellers borrow your son during their selling experiences? Smiley Happy
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Its always good to be safe than sorry....