This might sound scary but you need to know

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Any place with an open lot, cameras, plenty of lighting, and maybe a security guard? Is a preferable place in my book. I like to do my meets at Grocery stores because of all those factors 🙂
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You know I’ve come across this once before. I’m fairly new to OfferUp so I’m not quite sure why the truyou scammers are still running on the site.
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Not scary. I thought we can trust people enough to invite them to your house and provide a meal and drinks for a while.

I always show hospitality to my buyers.
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I live near uptown area and encourage buyers to meet outside a bank close by. A buyer once tried to give me counterfeit currency, lucky enough I usually first transfer the cash through banks atm and then hand over the item . I was saved and the buyer was red faced . He ran out of the bank and fled the situation . Of 200$ just 50 $ were real and other were counterfeit.

I always , always meet up in a bank in case he/she is handing a cash over to me .
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I sell and buy cars and I run into scams like this all day, every day. I conduct transactions during banking hours. I have the bank verify the funds, cash or otherwise then proceed to have the title notarized. I find most thieves/scammers will shy away from banks.
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Just like any other good suggestions I read. If possible make meet place at police station, bank, or any public place that have camera. Always make receipt of transactions if needed and signed by seller and buyer for your records. Never give your phone number away or your house address. The reason I knew these because I experienced it and not fun experience. Be safe .
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friend just robbed in federal way trying to sell a phone
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@75TransAm Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

75TransAm sorry to hear that,
did you’re friend use a safe zone like a police station lobby when dealing with high value items.? 😎🇬🇧🔚
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@75TransAm--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I'm very sorry that your friend was robbed. I hope your friend is okay considering. Take care!!
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i only ever meet people at my local library a few blocks away from home. if it's something i can't carry that far, they're allowed to come to the home but i won't be alone and they aren't allowed inside. i'll bring it out to them.
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