This might sound scary but you need to know

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No worries here, you can't rape the willing, and I'm kinda broke anyways the joke would be on them. 😂"bad humor".
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I have some1 that has no pic on profile. says to send phone # name an address didnt talk about how much. said they would give $50 extra if I marked sold right now. an i said i paid $600 an they instantly said they would send $650 to send info....I'm new they didnt even negotiate on item. not telling me info on them....should I leave alone??
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@Donji this is a common scam. Dont send him any info and report him by tapping the flag at the top of the messages.
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Yes... follow @aidenholley
advice and please... "leave them alone!"
They are up to no good, and are good at what they do... if you are unaware. GLTU!
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@Donji--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! Whenever someone sends you a message, wants your personal information, to communicate outside of the forums, offer extra money for an item is a scam, & the person should be reported right away:

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Thank you I welcome all adviceSmiley Happy
I think people have a right to voice their opinion no matter the subject. The second amendment is the right to bear arms but remember the first is freedom of speech. I get your point but still...(edit: this was in response to the person who kept arguing with others about their right to carry their guns when I don’t think anyone even was trying to battle them on it).
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Meet in the parking lot of the local police or fire station.  This will probably deter any criminals and if a buyer is ok but nervous about meeting you, will put them at ease as well.

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Your are absolutely right! Too many people feel comfortable to meet up just anywhere to get a sale. My son sells electronics on here and is bombarded with people who dont seem to give much thought about possibly being robbed,injured, or worse. My advice to him and what I do myself is meet up in the parking lot of any local police department! I was once in an area years ago and couldnt find their police department so I walked right into the bank and completed my sale there. I think these are probably 2 of the safest places to meet where video surveillance is probably functional. I went to a branch that I bank at and made the deposit immediately just in case there were any pull over attempts when I left the area. Hope this helps! Be safe everyone.