This might sound scary but you need to know

I agree because some people are real freaks!!!
I also bring someone with me
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I do all of my transactions at a local Walgreens. The management is nice enough to check the money for me , I feel that if anyone has a problem doing that I don’t need their business.. it’s a shame society is like this ...
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And please for the love of everything that’s right in the world, never sell jewelry from your home!!!!! It seems common sense but people still do it.
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What's the end game,eventually move into a police station?
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If Abe Lincoln wasn't paranoid he
probably should have been✌️
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I get some people don’t want you to came to their house.
However if a person ants to meet me someplace then I have one rule I follow. Nothing over 20.00.
If the item is a quality item then there is no reason we can’t meet at the sellers house
If they say they won’t then I have to believe something is fishy.

How I roll.
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@Brustercoe if that's how you roll, then that's your choice. But the policy and guide lines of OU are to not give out your personal information, that includes home addresses. While you are probably a descent person, there are those who aren't. Bringing someone of this nature to your home is putting your family at risk. This is the reason sellers don't want you coming to their homes not that your bad or their being rude. So you see when you want to by something and the seller wants you to meet someplace other than their home, that's because OU is telling them to! Its all about staying safe!

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@REMEMBRANCE   You ever hear of this?