This might sound scary but you need to know

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I might sound cheap but, when shipping, why do the wants us to print a shipping label with a huge block box on the corner. That black box is a lot of waste of ink. They need to leave it in blank. When shipping a lot it adds up
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Perhaps I'm alone in this thought. But it really just **bleep** me off that our safety as a buying/ selling community has to be such an issue. I've sat here for about 5 or so minutes trying to figure out what else to put in here, but the fact is unfortunately today we have got to proceed with caution and remember just because you are honest does not mean every one you will deal with is. And what a shame it is to even have to think like that, but the reality of it is we must all protect ourselves. This is Scott 🚶stepping down of his soap box. Happy buying/ selling to everyone.
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Personally I think it’s a bad idea to scold someone who has a gun, or call them an idiot and then take off in a huff
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I only do bussiness with baby boomers! Simple and sweet😀
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How do you guarantee you only sell to baby boomers? Do you ask if they were born between 1946-1964? Smiley Wink
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Some through their profile pic and some when i text or talk to them.
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What do you do when the person states they want the item. You give them the location which could be your home. Especially if your selling a big item. After giving address they decided not to show??
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@Bmele_72   Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. You can’t make the person show up. It’s sad but there are people who say yes I want to buy and then never show and never answer when you contact them. Move on to the next person who will come along and show. Sorry this happened to you but it happens to me and a lot of people on all the selling apps. Not everyone is going to be honest or honor what they say. Be patient and wait for the right person. They are out there. Good luck.

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I would never give a complete stranger my home address.

He doesn't show up.

I don't know his name. What he looks like. What car he drives.

But he knows where I live !

No way!


Give an address of a store close by.

I live 2 minutes from a gas station.

Tell him to text you when him gets there.

Then meet him there and have him follow you.



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I never meet at my house. I understand that with a large items you can’t move it to a truck and then get a no show. May not have a truck. I agree with @atexit8. Have them meet close to your house, like a store or gas station, then meet them. If you feel ok after meeting them, they can follow you back to your house. Still would have someone with me. Never alone. Good luck.