This might sound scary but you need to know

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I try to register on Tru YOU I got the first email that see if I'm approved I got a second email from offer up that my ID expired which is not true so, so much for trying to register on Tru You .
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@Joelwbd  You may want to reach out to Mj_206. I had to take my picture a few times to get a nice clear picture. When I did that, everything went great. Just a blur will mess it up. Like I said, I had to take the picture a few times to get a good one. Hope this helps you. Good luck.

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I went outside with natural light I took. 6 / 8 pic I will try again tomorrow thanks.
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I sold to a lady cop in the western suburb of Illinois, she insisted to meet at the police station. I was like, really? Did not even say she was a cop... 😂 a pretty one too!
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I guess the meeting went well and it was a safe place to meet. I guess you could not ask for a safer place.
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@0317 Who cares what you think. She didn't say anything about "selling snakes" on here. If you want to void a transaction because your scared of an individual who possibly could save your life one day that's your loss. You started the negativity calling her and whoever else idiots. What difference does it make. Quit complaining about everything. Nobody cares.
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I would try again proof yourself check every answer iam sure you did maybe a glitch somewhere
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Man I don't know who's making this pager but if there's any kind of threat to my daughter why my girlfriend's doing all this or whatever her friend believe me a tissue get taken care of quick this is totally against the law
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I got a scammer who tried to send me a fraudulent check and asked me to cash it and give them back the remainder. I told them I’d call the cops....I stil have the fake check as a keepsake Incase they try anything funny
How do you contact somebody from OfferUp I need somebody to assist me to to cover the price of an item that was cancelled after I mailed it