This might sound scary but you need to know



If OfferUp cancelled the shipment due to the carrier not scanning the package, you will not get any assistance from OfferUp, even if if it was received by the buyer. You will have to make arrangements for a direct payment from the buyer, as OfferUp will refund the buyer.


If you still want to reach out to customer support, you, refer to the links below:

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That is a very good idea but I my self try true you and I'm getting the same message from offer up that my ID is expired I took pictures of my ID inside with very good lighting I try outside with natural light , I did what I was asked to do it not brain science still getting the same message sooo I'm not going to waste my time, I been on offer up over four years got lots of good Customers . whatever works for an individual happy selling
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It's a phone number also don't know if you or someone else will be able to talk to someone at offer up 844 633 3787
Customer service
So if I understand what you are saying.... you are "fully supportive" of the right to carry a gun, but if someone carries a gun, then they are an "idiot" that you won't do business with. Did I get that right?
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Myself i pack a firearm because of my occupation also exmilitary i have no problem with someone one else carrying a firearm as long if its legal and that person has been trained. Toyman
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I dont think this is the best place for firearms topics each state is different this is for selling topics Toyman
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Why is everyone talking about guns on OfferUp?
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@Bb81  I don’t think anyone should be carrying a firearm to a meetup. How much you want to bet that most of them don’t have a carry permit. If I even thought someone had a firearm on one of my meetups, that would end our deal right there. I would just go. Deal over. Meet at a police station if your not feeling safe. Better yet, Don’t meet the person. To many crazy people who want to carry a gun. I have many weapons. I use them for what I got them for. I didn’t get them for this. I do have a carry permit. I haven’t carried in over 15 years. I have no reason too. If your so afraid then maybe you shouldn’t be selling or meeting people to sell them something. Like I said in the beginning, meet at a police station. 

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@HeidiHeidiHoe  That’s the way I feel about it. I will not do business or sell to someone who is not police that has a firearm . Don’t know that person and don’t know what they may do with the firearm. If they feel a need to carry a firearm to a meetup then maybe they shouldn’t go to the meetup. Paranoid people should not have a right to carry a firearm. Carry permits are hard to get. Even our veterans don’t have carry permits unless they have a job that calls for it. If I went to a meetup and saw a firearm, I would just go. Deal done. Then I would call police and report it. If that person has his papers in order and has a carry permit then he won’t go to jail will he. If not, Weapon off the street, stupid locked up. @HeidiHeidiHoe  You may feel differently. I respect your right to feel the way you want. Respect mine. Have a nice day.

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I agree