This might sound scary but you need to know

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Why would this start to devolve into conversations about constitutional rights, court rulings, political parties and inflammatory language?


This is about safe meeting practices and I think there are many great tips provided. Where are the preferred meeting places that you guys choose? Do you have any other tips regarding communication or red flags people should be aware of?


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I would much rather have them come to my house I always tell them you do not have to come in I'll walk it out to you. And there are times I'm selling things I can't even lift so if you don't have a truck? My friend used her neighbors truck and him and I loaded the heaviest clock ever, needless to say they were a NO Show like70% her neighbor took his wife's car to work so we had no choice but to unload it ourselves. It got dropped I felt so sorry for her not because she wasn't strong Because she needs $ and cried over the fact she had to sell a antique wind up grandfather clock. Not now
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Yes, I understand. I avoid having people come directly to my house as much as humanly possible. @@Lapua has a great tip regarding that. Meet folks nearby in public. Qualify them there and have them follow you to the house. 

Check out many of the other topics and continue to share!

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I've been selling on here for over three years mostly to women who have become regulars. Like anyone else they come for two items once they see they leave with five. I do tell everyone I have a roommate he's gone at night but sleeps all day. But the one protection I have(not a 38) It's my 100lb Dog LOL
In Wichita we uze quick trip convenience stores as save meet places
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Regardless of sale amount, never ever take the same way home.
Police parking lot or not ...
Go a couple of blocks to make U-turns, or just go to next intersection, right turns until you're back home.

I meet at shopping areas I don't frequent.
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I rate this a 2/10 for fear mongering and trying to get people to submit personal info to an app that has 0 communication with the users.

You dont need true you. Just be smart. Meet in public in the day time.
I found a user's past reviews incredibly helpful in feeling comfortable meeting them. I sold an amplifier to another musician, who asked if he could meet me at 10:30pm, due to the fact that his work shift ended so late at night. Initially skeptical, he actually had plenty of positive reviews and feedback from other users which helped me to conclude he would be alright to meet with. He turned out to be a very cheerful, pleasant buyer! Without any reviews or feedback on his profile, I would never even have entertained the idea of meeting someone so late into the night.

Always exercise due caution, but take into account how much positive feedback they've acquired from fellow users. Typically, if they have accumulated a significant source of positive feedback, they have proven themselves trustworthy in my eyes. But again: caution is the best course of action, regardless of other factors!
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Lol..funny thing is. I'm 6 ft 240lbs and I get worried when meeting up.i try not to dress or act to and anyone can Rob you. I've had several woman have me meet them at their house. I always say I'm ok with meeting in public..but no....I guess just do what makes you feel comfortable...good info on here*. B
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Looking for some suggestions. Any ideas on what to look out for or how to set something like this up.... I have a larger item to sell such as an appliance and won’t have access to deliver it would need to be picked up.