This might sound scary but you need to know

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I would at a police station only
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Thank God that you posted this...i was about to set up my first meet at my personal soon as i suggested a location that has cameras and a busy area....(local gas station) the cusromer stopped responding....
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I gave you a Kudo.. also
I hope you block them!!
Did you read what I wrote about I was selling a phone belongs to my granddaughter and I went to meet the call to be female.. they told me what they were driving.. I told them what I were driving ( but I lied when I pull next to them it was 2 guys in hoodies!! I went I. The store and came out like I didn’t acknowledge them they kept looking around as I was sitting there!! Texting me on offer up!! I block them they lied and said they were a female
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Oh wow....i will really be cautious with my transactions...thanks for that warning..
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Is TruYou that big of a deal? I've already verified with Google, facebook, my email, phone and now they roll out with TruYou which will be the rage until another service comes out and everyone runs to it. I have no problem saying who I am and dont take part in shady practices. but in an where our personal info is passed around like party favors I really dont care to be validated through five different companies (all promising to be more secure than the last ) My point is this all stems from a lack of feeling secure and the risks scare me too but I am not going to give our my personal stuff to eighteen different services when they ( facebook being a great example ) are just selling my info. Ultimately this is increasing the odds of identity theft etc etc. There needs to be a better way. Come out with one service we verify through. But not digging all these companies having my stuff. I dont know much about truyou but what I have read thus far does not make me want to sign up.It's just as bad as facebook they just haven't been exposed yet. Be weary. There are other dangers to watch out for aside from meeting a "neighbor"
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Welcome - @Trillian I understand your concerns, just keep in mind OfferUp doesn’t store your ID on their platform, and buyers and sellers won't see your ID, phone number, or selfie. TruYou just shows buyers and sellers that they can trust people more easily. Because it helps keep both parties safety when dealing in high value items.
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South Texas, think we all bring "Friends"... also certain site all meet at one of several sites at certain times. Most trusted.

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Greatideal and thanks.

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No. I had a fraud say they wanted my item, would send a cashiers check, and a mover to inspect and pick it up. They just needed my address to send the"check" NAAAH. No good predators out there. Don't worry that you're being too protective of yourself. You're important!
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I was trying to reply to your response but got kicked off some how so if this is duplicated please excuse me. What I was saying in prior reply is ...I agree with most of your safet precautions with an exception of being a TruYou member. Reason being I was significantly hacked almost 3 yrs. ago via dark web & hacking my entire life through Wi-Fi & all devices associated & connected through Wi-Fi. Sooo, when it comes to giving too much personal info like my D.L. etc. & the fact that Google & all verification databases that are involved...I'm leary of being found again...Maybe I'll change my mind as shipping is going to be important for stronger sales. Thank you for your input and it's good to meet you. ✌👌😏 L11