This might sound scary but you need to know

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UGH! Now I am getting scared. This "Spicy Gir"...hmmm. That is all. L11
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@REMEMBRANCE this girl has a special soul... she doesn’t care about followers. She actually stayed up with me though private messages till 4a.m. making sure that I’m ok. If I could give her a hug and a crown... I would.
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You are too kind my new friend, and are one of the bravest women I have EVER met! 💪
-->Now back to the Topic... 😉
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Our local police department encourages buyers and sellers to meet and exchange funds/items at our static’s well. In fact they don’t mind you sitting out by the front door for all to see inside and out, or coming inside and completing the transaction right in the lobby surrounded by police personnel and officers.
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Police departments are definitely my #1 go to if buying/selling anything over $50.

However, upon investigating partnering them with OfferUp in my area, they have limited hours of availability.

Currently checking into a resolve with Sheriff Nocco on this safety feature. 👍😊
Stay tuned OU Neighbors!
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@LeslieJo--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! Please continue to explore the different forums & share your thoughts thoughts!! Welcome!!
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If I press cash out, does it go to the card that's set up?
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When you set up your Account payments and deposits, the money will be deposited into the Bank "Deposit Account" that you entered, with your routing number and bank account number.
GLTU! 👍😉
-->Now back to Topic at hand...
"This Might Sound Scary But You
Need To Know."
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Thank you for taking the time to let me know that-i appreciate your feedback! P.s. it sounds like you have exactly the loyal buds i was talking about! Dogs are awesome!
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It scares me more to believe we do not already know there is constant bad to be wary and alert for. May all be safe ...