This might sound scary but you need to know

Male and Female need to meet under cameras, esp., at Police station. Can't trust anyone. Carry Mace.
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Yeah,anytime your meeting a random
female you should definitely bring a couple of cans of mace and let the police know
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The safest place to meet is a police Department. Only place I will meet someone.
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Yes you always want to meet in a safe place. I always meet at my local store. It also has a gas station. People all over. I’ve never had a weapon, that’s not a good idea. If you feel you need one, then maybe you shouldn’t go. You make the time and place. All the people I’ve met so far have been very nice. But still take someone with you. You will be fine. Good luck.

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Well done! And may I add, always let someone know that your on a offerup run. Trust your gut, shady is shady and not maybe sort of. As a tip?!? Most cars come with keyless entry, they button at the bottom of your fob is access to your very load horn. Test it out sometime.
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Man your so right those trollers are put there pretty creepy and I always say never ever do things alone. I dont l what has happened to this society..thank you all for the great information.
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I would never deal with that little" Do you except checks" No go back to the whole you crawled out of!!!!! I really despise liars an thieves!!! Be safe always trust your instincts,!!!@!
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You are absolutely on point. Always meet at a public place. A good way to weed out the undesireables is to say you want to meet at a police station. I've said that a few times to test some people and I never hear from them again. Amazing.
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Believe me ive met enough FREAKS TO LAST ME A LIFETIME!!!
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An officer I was talking with said the same thing. He said he wished everyone would meet at the station to buy/sell items as it is much safer. I would think there are security cameras too.