This might sound scary but you need to know

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As a senior a disabled vet i live in a assistant living facility lots of people and cameras my wife and i feel safe here. I meet a person once to sell an item i parked in front he parked in back he wanted to go out back to test the item i stated test it right here his body language was not good i said forget it iam leaving we all must be careful out there you can get robbed even with cameras and people around best to have someone with you
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@Toyman   You are so right. Not worth getting hurt. Good call.

Ill talk to anyone I meet so I don't get it but I can see why. I mean everyone is going to cry but carry and conceal a gun but I don't want to get involved any further
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@TeddySalesWeigh   If I get the feeling they have a weapon, That’s the end of our deal. I’ve seen to many accidents. That would make our deal go south. It’s easy to pickup a gun. Many don’t know how to use it. They watch tv and thinks it’s cool. Taking someone’s life is never cool! You meetup at a police station. If they are that scared,then meetup at the police station. Don’t need a weapon. 

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Personally i dont give my number out or at leadt as lirtle as possible and try to stay on offerup or fb for communications.
What happens when that does not work for you? I would not sell things in person when you have Amazon lol. I value my life
Police are not friends. They do not care. They will destroy everything you have and walk away with a smile I've seen it.
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Some? Yes! Not all.. there is some good officers out there, maybe🤔 more bad than good ( don’t know) I try my best to stay on the right track by doing the right thing! But sometimes no matter what you do 🤔 it happens to the best, life is not fair sometimes
Because their is a lot of officer out there that over police, yes..!! I agree they abuse they authority!!! So keep your hands on the steering wheel when you are stop !! My nephew is a police officer for Orange County ,, but he is the Nice one..
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Pack heat...