This might sound scary but you need to know

I will definitely take this advice! Thank you.
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I am a member of the nra and have a concealed permit. But would NEVER tell someone they were not entitled to their own opinion. You are what gives the rest of us gun owners a bad rep. And that’s my opinion and I’m Entitled to that. There is more than one amendment.
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Sorry this post is a reply to a earlier post on page 3. Posted in wrong spot.
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don't use offerup or craigslist. Stick with ebay or amazon

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Welcome to the Community Forums @Pippy & @tbird. Glad your partaking in the topics. Check out some of the other current topics and continue to share your opinions and ideas.


Whenever you want to reply to someone or address their comments, you can place an @ in front of the members name so we know what your referring to. It will also get a faster reply as well.

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@tbird Why do you say that? What can we improve on in your opinion? Would love to hear Smiley Happy

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I'm a student and can't always take calls is that bad for my account?
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Hey, @WestonL! This is not bad for your account. We typically don't recommend giving out phone numbers, and usually just recommend keeping any conversations within the app. As long as you're upfront about it with potential buyers/sellers that you may be unavailable to respond during class times, you shouldn't run into a single issue Smiley Happy

Protip - I like to schedule my meetups around my regular errands, that way, if the other person flakes, I don't feel like I wasted any time because I'm still out and about doing the things I needed to do anyway. It would probably be pretty convenient to complete transactions on campus, in between classes!

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I prefer texting and emailing to have a "paper trail" for most of the exchanges. Once I feel comfortable proceeding, I will then allow phone calls. Just my personal preference in all transactions.
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Welcome, @Jkk928Smiley Happy

Just a heads up, we recommend keeping any conversations within the app so that you have this paper trail, and so our internal investigations team can assist if anything comes up. Outside paper trails might not be quite as helpful.

What types of items do you typically buy and sell?